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"Welcome to Waterton Park Golf Club, where excellence meets expertise. Our renowned PGA coaches are dedicated to enhancing your enjoyment and golf"


Expert PGA Coaching - Benefit from personalized 1-1 coaching, tailored to your unique needs and goals.​

Cutting-Edge Technology - Experience in-depth analysis with Trackman4 technology and high-speed cameras for a comprehensive understanding of your swing.​

CoachNow Platform - Enjoy in-between lesson support and guidance, ensuring a continuous and personalized learning experience.

National Recognition - Amongst the most respected coaches in the area, our reputation speaks to our commitment to excellence.

Passion -  Beyond technique, we are dedicated to fostering your love for golf, ensuring a holistic and fulfilling experience.

"Discover the true potential of your golf game with Waterton Park Golf Club. 

1st lesson with Head PGA Professional only £40 (50% discount)


"At our Academy, we embrace a simple yet powerful ethos – we are always developing. Our commitment is unwavering, whether you're a beginner taking your first swings or a seasoned professional refining your game. Our focus extends beyond perfecting technique; it's about helping golfers enjoy the game more. We believe in a culture of continuous learning and development, ensuring that our coaching evolves alongside the journey of every golfer. Here, improvement is not just a goal; it's a constant, shared pursuit that transforms each swing into a source of joy on the golf course."

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Head Pros - 1st Lesson (1/2 price) £40

One off lessons £80


PGA Pros - 1st Lesson (1/2 price) £35 

One off lessons £70

Head Pros Monthly Subscriptions (minimum sign up 3 months)

1 lesson per month £60

2 lessons per month £100


Head Pro Packages 

4 lessons £220

10 lessons £500

PGA Pro Packages 

4 lessons £200

10 lessons £450

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